Foot stools, tables & benches


2010-12-10 17.46.40

Cavalier King Charles stool


Greenwald Bench

Bench for Greenwalds

June Bench

Bench for June Peterson 5 07

KA bench

bench for K A 2006

McFadden bench

Bench for McFaddens

Leaping corgis

Bench w 4 leaping PWC 1 turned

Horses and Corgi

Bench w horses n PWC

Agility table

Dillard Agility Table 3 06

2 corgis foot stool

Footstool 2 Pems prone

Herding table

PWCCAHerding Table

PWC table


Corgis w/ roses table

Rose Table w 3 leaping PWC

Corgi and dragonflies table

Square table w PWC dragonflies

2 corgis laying down foot stool

stool 1

Corgi blue table

table 1 09

Tri corgi blue table

table 3 09

Corgi blue table

Table 4 2009

3 corgis table


Tri corgi blue table

table 2 09