Mosaic Mirrors

Pembroke Welsh Corgi mirror

PWC mirror

Blue Smooth Collie

Blue Smooth Collie

Tri Colored Rough Collie
trophy for Collie Club of America

BOS Rough

Tri Colored Smooth Collie
trophy for Collie Club of America

BOS Smooth

Pembroke Welsh Corgi with Poinsettias

Canadian Spec. Judges Gift Foxdale Smart Guy 2006

Baby shower gift for Newfoundland owner.


Golden Retriever Mirror for Raffle
Donation to the Paper Cities Kennel Club

PCKC Raffle 2012

Pembroke Welsh Corgis with Peaches for
Greater Atlanta Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club’s Raffle


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mirror

photo 2

Parson Russell Terrier Picture Frame Trophy


Mosaic Pug Dog Mirror donated to the
Pug Dog Club of America Raffle in Memory of Ray Kolesar

Pug MosaicPDC12

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mirror Donation
to the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Raffle

PWC Lakeshoredonation2012

Corgi herding sheep

PWC HerdSheep 9-2013